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Well shit...

2016-06-10 12:35:28 by Jumper

Hey guys! Bad news bear here.

I recently had a bit of an issue with my PC and I think the problem might be the motherboard... which is kind of a bad thing xD (the joy of getting a gaming PC from my best friend, who got it from his brother, who got it from another dude, and so on and so forth.... what do we learn?). So now the bios won't start even if the fans are spinning and all the stuff. So I got back to my old PC, that I restored not too long ago, and installed the new version of FL (which I'm not used to at all). But I think I quite like it so far. I'm so lost though... xDD 

For a dude out of his comfort zone, I think it's not so bad. A bit repetitive, but meh... :P I think I'm gonna keep this one as an idea for an upcoming song  as soon as I get my PC fixed.

Thank you all so much for your patience. I know that I don't upload too often and the more I evolve and try to become a better producer, things just start to get a bit more complex and since I'm mostly self taught, there's even more trial and error that takes even more time. But the fact that you're still keeping track of what I do and still following me is amazing. I could not ask for more awsome fans and followers. :)


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2016-06-10 15:30:11

Oh, wow. That must suck :b I'm glad you'll continue to make more music, though ;D

Jumper responds:

Of course I will :)


2016-06-12 20:58:36

Sorry to hear about your PC....

The song sounds great, though!

Jumper responds:

Thanks, man! :)


2016-06-14 16:56:33

Oh ! sorry for your PC.. :/
The music is Really really great !!
Maybe a remake of "Impact" soon ! (my favorite one !)


2016-06-19 12:03:45

Hope the pc pulls through and then you can pour your musical knowledge and wisdom into it. Maybe in a song of the future, you could put your own message into the song, like in beyond the wall, I could help you write it. But that clyp was cool. The pulse and beat of the music's soul is poured into our mind, as usual with your amazing music.

Your friend,