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Thank you! (IMPORTANT!)

2016-01-11 04:03:08 by Jumper

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the support and love that brought me where I am now. I know, it sounds cheesy as fuck right of the bat but whatever! I need to get this out. You guys really opened some doors that I didn't even know existed for me. I did not think I could get as far as this with my music. When I started this whole thing, it was just for plain, old fun. I didn't expect to get promoted on Youtube, get over 326,000 downloads on Purity ( I shat on my desk when I saw this,btw... Well not really but you catch my cold, right?) and have all those people supporting what I do. It was inconceivable to me. ''I'm just not as talented as the others'' I kept telling myself. ''These guys are just too good.'' ...yeah. Well, guess who got proven wrong? Now my whole life is based around the idea of making music. So I wanted to properly thank you guys by doing something special. And no, I'm not gonna finish Purity...that's never gonna happen. Why would I finish it when I've learned and grown so much since?... Nah. That's soopid. Stahp! I decided instead to REMAKE it. :D Now, don't worry, it's gonna stay the same Purity goodness. Just Fookin-HD-New-Jumper-Style Purity. It may take some time, simply because, I want it to be epic. So it's not gonna be out like thee days from now but, as usual, I'll try my best to keep you updated without spoiling it either. :3 And it's gonna be on Youtube, Soundcloud and all! It's gonna be sick. :D So yeah!

By the way, what genre between Trap/Futurebass (what I usually produce now) or Melodic Dubstep. Would you like me to try something new with it or keep the style of the good old Purity? It's still gonna keep the same essence or ''core''.

Thank you so much again!

- Jumper

PS: You can also follow me on Soundcloud, if you want. ;)


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2016-01-12 09:12:04

Well, that's quite sick man! Good luck. :D
Also, why don't you try to send "Stone Guardian" to a music promotion youtube channel? You could get more audience!

Jumper responds:

Thanks! :D Already did!

Beyond The Walls and Aurora have also been promoted on this same channel.

Go support them. They're amazing! :D


2016-01-14 09:17:14

Really hype for this remake! I'd love to see it as the same old melodic dubstep, to be honest - keep the nostalgia :D